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Kit includes one 16 fl. oz. bottle each of The Natural Hot Tub Co. Water Treatment & Conditioner (Formerly Spa Magic) – All Natural Enzyme Maintenance Product, and Penetrating Spa Cleanser – All Natural Enzyme Cleaner.

Penetrating Spa Cleanser will rid your spa of toxic build-up, a perfect way to deep clean your spa before using The Natural Hot Tub Co. Water Treatment & Conditioner. It will extend the life of your pump too. Customers that switched from chlorine or bromine to using our non-corrosive enzyme are still using the same pumps they started with 15 years ago in an industry where pump failure is expected every two years.

Why use Spa Cleanser? The Penetrating Spa Cleanser product will clean away chemical residues which have built up deep inside your spa plumbing and pump. These chemicals are oxidizers (chlorine & bromine in particular, bromine being worse) that continuously eat away at spa plumbing, pump and seals, thus lowering the life expectancy of your spa and decreasing its efficiency.

What happens if I don’t use Penetrating Spa Cleanser before using The Natural Hot Tub Water Treatment & Conditioner? Five to eight weeks into using the Water Treatment & Conditioner  it will continuously seek out chemical residues to eliminate them. If the Water Treatment & Conditioner finds those residues, the water may turn a bit cloudy and give off a chemical odor. Beginning with the Penetrating Spa Cleanser product eliminates this problem. Older spas (5 years or older) that have used bromine will require two bottles of Cleanser because of excess buildup inside the spa plumbing.

The Natural Hot Tub Co. Water Treatment & Conditioner  is an all natural enzyme product that will maintain your spa water for a period of 3 months. Keeps PH and Alkalinity at perfect levels the entire duration. After 3 months, simply pour another bottle in for 3 more months of crystal clear water. Only change your water every 6 months or more, if you desire, by adding 1 bottle every 3 months.

Invented by a doctor. Totally safe for all living creatures, plants, lakes, streams, ponds. Can be used indoors or outdoors, great for ponds and fountains too. .

Each 16 oz. bottle treats up to 500 gallons. When you drain your spa, water your lawn and garden with your spa water.

Note: Spa Cleanser is recommended for first time users, prior to application of The Natural Hot Tub Co. Water Treatment & Conditioner. The Spa Cleanser is a one time application to clean all chemical residue from your spa plumbing, prior to regular use of The Natural Hot Tub Co. Water Treatment & Conditioner.

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