About Us

Here at Your Spa Solutions, we are aware of how fragile our environment is and are committed to producing environmentally friendly products by using eco-friendly practices.

Why Choose All Natural Spa Cleanser?

This Product is for the Chemical Intolerant!

Finally, The No-Maintenance, No Chemical, All Natural, Less Expensive Spa Solution.

  • So Easy To Use – Put in Your Spa and Forget About It!
  • Water So Clean and Healthy You Won’t Need To Shower After Using Your Spa
  • Never Again Suffer from Burning Eyes, Dried Skin, and Irritating Rashes
  • No More Harmful Chemicals Like Chlorine and Bromine
  • No More Time-Consuming Water Testing and Chemical Adjusting
  • So Economical – A Purchase Can Last Three Months
  • 100% Nontoxic To All Living Creatures!
  • Many of the chemicals used to treat your spa are TOXIC. The elevated temperatures of spas cause these chemicals to be more active an even greater threat to you.

What All Natural Water Treatment & Conditioner will do for you:

Less Maintenance = LOW COSTS!

  • Your water will be clean and healthy for up to three (3) months with each application
  • Your skin will feel silky smooth
  • You won’t have to shower every time you get out of the spa
  • You can eliminate the test kits, caustic chemicals and the never-ending balancing act of water treatment.
  • Say goodbye to those nasty chlorine and bromine fumes.
  • Never again suffer from burning eyes, dried skin and irritating rashes.
  • You will once again look forward to the soft, soothing comfort of clean healthy water caressing your body. And yet, as powerful and effective as Spa Magic is, it is 100% non-toxic. It’s absolutely, positively safe and will not hard any living creature.

A Better, Nicer, All-Natural Cleanser

You will also spend less time maintaining your spa. Since the contaminants that clog your filter have disappeared, you won’t have to clean your filter as often. And as an added benefit: you’ll avoid costly repairs due to corrosion and mineral abrasion because you’ll no longer need to use harsh chemicals which corrode any metal parts in your heater and pump. With All Natural Cleanser, you’ll be spending more time relaxing in your spa and less time and money to maintain it.