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  • Increase customer retention and build a customer base with your exclusive territory

  • The Natural Hot Tub Company® has over 20 years of experience in the industry

  • Excellent way to show your customers you care about the ever-growing “Green” trend.

  • Never compete with internet pricing again with our (MAP) Policy

  • Compatible with Chlorine, Bromine, Ionizers & Ozone

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"Protected Territories Still Available"

All it takes is a little bit of research to know that the boomers represent the largest wealth transfer in history & they also started the ‘green’ movement. Boomers have the aches & pains that hot water therapy could help, & they are aware of the health benefits as well as what will harm them.

“Socially conscious” shopping goals drive 54% of older Americans according to a recent survey by AARP.  This means more than 40 million baby boomers are also “green boomers” who say they are more likely to purchase environmentally-friendly products & use services from companies that are socially responsible.

 The manufacturer of The Natural Hot Tub Company® enzyme products revolutionized this spa water treatment over 20 years ago with the first proprietary blend of enzymes developed exclusively for the chemical sensitive and environmentally conscious hot tub customer. Until recently these products have only been available through the internet and have been enjoyed by customers in every state in the USA and throughout the world. Now with a new look and new name, these products are available to you. Through our national network of distribution you can now make these all natural products available to your customers.
With over 20 years experience and already built customer base, carrying these environmentally friendly products will naturally mean additional sales. With the experience you can count on and products you can depend upon we make it easy and profitable for you to provide your customers with the most luxurious spa water treatment available.

“Consider stocking natural alternatives to chemical-based products.  This can be attractive to environmentally conscious clients.”
Pool & Spa News
October 2007

Manufacturers Stated:
“People are getting tired of soaking in chemical soup.”
Pool & Spa News
August 2004


Chemicals Do Not Sell Spas, 

But These Products Can, AND DO!