How Our Natural Water Treatments Work

Proven 100% safe and effective for over 20 years.

There are over 3 million different types of enzymes.

There are 14 different enzymes in the Bio-Prepase Water Treatment & Conditioner formula. Thousands of different formulas were tested over a period of years to find just the right mixture of enzymes that were effective.

With this formula, we have a combination of enzymes that have been effective but at the same time 100% safe for people, plants, animals and our environment.

The Bio-Prepase Water Treatment & Conditioner enzymes have some fascinating properties. Most enzymes work within a narrow temperature range – between 70 and 90 degrees F. At the lower temperatures, the enzymes don’t have enough energy to start a reaction. As the temperature rises, they work better until they start to break down from the heat.
These Bio-Prepase enzymes are different because they continue to work all the way up to 180 degrees F. Very few enzymes can tolerate – much less thrive – at this temperature. Most Enzymes are lucky if they last a week, our Enzymes do not gas out. The Bio-Prepase Water Treatment & Conditioner enzymes also have a long shelf life up to 5 years.

The Effects of Bio-Prepase on Water.

pH – The pH of water is determined mostly by contaminants that enter the water supply.
For example: soap residues, dead skin cells, lotions, human waste, urine, etc..  These contaminants will cause the water pH to rise and/or drop sharply.  Until now, the only method to resume a normal or balanced pH would have been to add chemicals to the water to reverse the problematic pH symptom.  Although adding a chemical will reverse the pH and provide you with a normal reading using standard pH testing procedures, the contaminant that caused the pH problem remains in the water, in addition to the newly added chemical used to reverse the problem pH readout.  pH testing is done because chlorine and bromine only work within certain pH ranges.  Bio-Prepase maintains it’s own pH range regardless of the contaminants entering the water because Bio-Prepase eliminates the contaminant without the need for pH adjusting chemicals.  These enzymes bond to the contaminant that enters the water (by using naturally occuring technology).  The contaminants are attracted to these enzymes and are captured in the filter.  This action occurs whether the contaminant is acidic or alkaline.  The pH level will fluctuate somewhat between 7.8-8.2, depending on the amount of daily contamination, but will usually stabilize within normal range without using any chemicals.

Color, Clarity & Odor...

These enzymes help to remove organic contaminants from the water helping to prevent turbidity resulting in unpleasant water conditions. Inorganic chemicals that disturb water clarity are unaffected by these Enzymes. If necessary the addition of a natural clarifier will remove inorganic contaminants.


Due to the positive charge carried by these Enzymes, mineral particles will not attach to plumbing, pumps, manifolds, etc.. they will remain in suspension until captured by the filter. Certain exceptions in areas of hard water (that have not used a pre-filter may need to add a stain and scale control or metal out product.


Our Water Treatment & Conditioner is compatible with (chlorine, bromine, ozone) Sanitizers. Our Water Treatment & Conditioner is not compatible with Biquanide products or 1-Micron Disposable Filters, switch from these disposable filters and replace with a regular pleated filter before starting with our program. Also, remove any in-line cartridges before starting as well.