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The Deluxe Hot Tub Package includes all the products in the Full Circle Program with the addition of a Filter Flosser and the Power Blue UV Protectant . The Full Circle Spa Program is a more natural way to enjoy a hot tub without soaking in harsh chemicals or draining them into our environment.  Many factors affect your spa water such as filtration, spa features, quality of source water, bather frequency and introduced impurities.  The Full Circle Spa Program is a guide that will help you determine how to care for your spa with environmentally-friendly products.  The 100% safe and effective enzyme products from The Natural Hot Tub Company are the foundation for this program.  These products soften and condition the spa water, stabilize pH & alkalinity and reduce or eliminate the use of many harsh chemicals.  Following our program will allow you to drain your spa water without bringing harm to our ground water systems on which most living creatures depend.  The Full Circle Spa Program is making a difference, one hot tub at a time!

Package Includes:

  • The Natural Hot Tub Company Water Treatment & Conditioner Keeps spa water clean, clear and soft for up to 3 months. One 16oz bottle treats up to 500 gallon hot tubs & spas. Helps stabilizes pH & Alkalinity. Leaves skin feeling silky-smooth with no odors.
  • The Natural Hot Tub Company Penetrating Spa Cleanser is 100% guaranteed to clean away chemical residues which have built up deep inside your spa plumbing and pump. These chemicals are oxidizers that eat away at spa plumbing, pump and seals, lowering your spa’s life expectancy and decreasing its efficiency.
  • The Natural Hot Tub Company Filter-Soak is all natural filter cleaner using the natural power of enzymes with citrus. Just let soak 2-3 hrs (or longer) then rinse and let air dry. Non-toxic, eco-friendly & economical. This 16 oz concentrate makes 48 gallons of Filter-Soak.
  • The Natural Hot Tub Company  Carbon Block Pre Filter  is recommended  whether you are on municipal or well water, they both can introduce impurities into your spa which can interfere with the proper chemical balance of your water.  Using the pre filter to fill your spa will minimize the need for additional chemicals.
  • Sea-Klear Natural Clarifier can aid in clarifying cloudy water, removing excess metals, eliminating oil & scum , and improve filter efficiency.16 oz bottle.
  • Leisure Time 4 in 1 Test Strip   There is no need to test your hot tub water regular but they  are necessary when troubleshooting and when filling your spa.   We have found Leisure Time Test Strips  to be one of the most reliable on the market.  50 strips/ bottle.
  • Filter-Flosser was designed by a pool & spa owner for pool & spa owners! Handy on/off switch saves water & fussing. Comfortable ergonomic hand grip. Does not damage cartridge filters as compared to other products on the market. Filter Flosser provides 7x more cleaning area than just a hose alone and  reduces cleaning time by 50%.  Filter Flosser reduces cartridge filter replacement through proper maintenance as per OEM
  • Power Blue UV Cover Protectant restores color, luster & shine  Protects from UV fading.  Repels water and dirt.  Environmentally Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable, Bio-Degradable. 8 oz /bottle  
  • Spa Chlorine Granules (99% sodium dichlor) is the only EPA registered sanitizer that has the ability to dissipate out of the spa water allowing bathers the option of not soaking in harsh chemicals or breathing toxic fumes. This can be done by leaving your cover open & running all pumps on high with all jets open for 15 minutes or until obtaining a 0 reading for both free & available chlorine with a spa test strip. This product may also be used as a ‘shock’ and residual sanitizer 
  • The Natural Hot Tub Co Dechlorination Tablets 
  • Leisure Time Defender

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